Dataguard protects your sensitive emails, payslips and contract data - think IR35!!!

Meet Data Protection & Compliance Standards Globally Why Encrypt Data?GDPR & IR35

What do we do at Dataguard™?


‘We provide highly secure data protection solutions to Finance, Legal, Health & HR’

Dataguard ePayslip - Encrypted Payslips

Dataguard™ enables you  to send your payslips electronically and securely using our easy to use add-on ensuring the integrity of your payroll & other documents.

Dataguard ePay works with any payroll system that can output PDF’s and we encrypt to AES 256 ensuring total end to end security with an easy user interface

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Dataguard eMail - Encrypted Email

Traditional e-mail has the confidentiality level of a postcard. Any actor involved in its transport can easily read it. Dataguard eMail offers a way to transform your email into a confidential and auditable electronic letter.

This works using your existing e-mail address and does not allow use nor any third party to access or to store the content of your e-mail. 

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Dataguard eBox - Encrypted Storage

Making documents available to a group of users with all revisions of these documents, is a key task of projects and business processes of any kind.

If this task must be performed in an auditable manner and the documents must be protected against access from third parties, then Dataguard eBox is the right choice.

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