Who we are


‘We provide digital and operational security solutions dealing with resilience and risk’


Dataguard was founded to bring together technologies and platforms to facilitate the secure handling and communication of confidential data for the purpose of allowing UK companies to continue to operate efficiently and grow within an ever tightening regulatory and cost environment. Through simple add-on expansion, Dataguard can help these companies meet their paperless aspirations without imposing overbearing replacement systems or implementation costs.

It can do this by combining secure back end platforms and easily integrated front end interfaces into the existing digital systems employed by UK companies.

The people behind Dataguard

Dataguard was founded by a multi-skilled team from a wide range of backgrounds spanning investment and company flotation, to the production and patenting of paper payslips, from IT infrastructure, security and development to database management.

Dataguard partners with regify® one of the leading encryption pioneers whose Regipay technology ePay is based on. Regibox and Regimail form the base platforms to Dataguard’s eMail and eBox technology.

The Dataguard ePay service is powered by regify® technology. regify® enables the only network solution for secure and binding e-mail-communication and electronic post. Whereas many vendors narrowly define “secure e-mail” as encrypted e-mail, regify®’s comprehensive solution includes features such as confirmation of receipt and an auditable web-based tracking log of the transactions. regify® elevates ordinary e-mail to the level of a registered electronic letter.

Regify®’s secure digital transaction service is globally recognised and trusted . It has been approved by Mastercard to underpin its encryption key technology for its virtual credit cards. Uniquely, these keys are only ever used once and only for each individual transaction.

Timeline of key dates

The Dataguard philosophy

Dataguard recognises the critical importance of data security as an end-to-end system. Highly secure data storage is, for instance, undermined by insecure transmission of the data to and from that source – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and Dataguard
ensures that each link provides equal strength to the entire data transfer and storage chain.

Our values and methodology

IT & Security Aware

Over 100 years combined IT infrastructure and application implementation experience. 20 years in data security and protection.

Problem Solvers

Lateral thinkers who never shy away from a technical challenge. “There’s always a reason, you just have to find it”.

Forward Thinking

Always looking for innovative solutions and ways to implement them to provide the greatest benefit.

Customer Support

We completely understand the need to provide good customer service and support.

Datashield and Dataguard

Dataguard’s sister company Datashield Security enables complementary IT Security technology which can provide a complete solution to your data protection needs.