If you are considering switching from using paper payslips to automated ones, then there are a number of factors you need to consider – not least the security of your intended method. For example, a lot of automated payslip providers these days use a portal to allow employees to access their payslips and other details …..but is it secure?

The answer is partially……which in the current climate of ever-increasing on-line fraud, as well as the GDPR regulations which came into force in May, is not enough. Portals are known to be potential targets for attack – in fact, a simple search on Google will reveal numerous instances where this has actually happened, with some huge data breaches and fines levied as a result.

Additionally, employer owned portals require maintenance and security, and the responsibility for backup and security applies as it would for any employer controlled data. Finally, transmission of payslip between users and portal are vulnerable to interception, and infrequency of log-in by employees mean passwords are liable be forgotten causing user difficulty and additional admin workloads to reset passwords.

These are just a few example of situations that can occur by using a portal system to access your payslip………and this is why more and more people are choosing encrypted email payslips as their preferred method. Here at Dataguard, our fully encrypted emailed payslip software gives you the best possible protection and peace of mind against the above. Add to that the fact that it is fast to adopt, there are no expensive consumables, the admin costs are very low, and it is about as secure a method of payslip delivery as you can get, then you can see why more and more people are turning to us.

So, give us a call today and we will be more than happy to show you one of online presentations, which really emphasise how effective encrypted emailed payslips are.