If you are one of those companies that still use paper payslips, then you really need to be thinking about alternatives as soon as possible!

Paper payslips are known to be expensive, slow and bad for the environment – additionally, the endless search to save money on the consumables and distribution is a thankless task.

Inevitably, you find yourself typing into Google “cheap payslip paper”, “cheap payslip envelopes”, “cheap payslip printer cartridges” etc.., so stop searching and make the switch to digital epayslips with Dataguard ePay now!

With Dataguard ePay, you can ditch all the payslips consumables without having to ditch your payroll system. We bolt on to your existing system, and through military grade encryption and human-friendly processes, it converts your printing process into a digitally encrypted distribution to any and all of your staff’s  personal devices.

In addition, it also makes everyone’s lives easier and brings big savings for your business – not to mention the hugely significant reduction in carbon foot print and effect on the environment! So, no more paper, no more ink, no more envelopes, no more mailing costs……. a win-win situation as far as we are concerned!