Push or Pull E-Payslips?

With all the media coverage on cyber crime, it is now more important than ever to make sure you make the right decisions online and protect yourself from identity fraud, with around 1 in 8 people now being victims of the crime. Payslips contain a lot of sensitive information, so if you are thinking about updating to an e payslip service, it is very important to thoroughly consider the security of the options out there. Push or pull (portal based) e-payslips – that is the question.  The choice is growing all the time but what is the difference you may ask?  I will try to explain.


The great benefit of using the Dataguard technology is that the payslip goes directly to the recipient it is intended to as an email attachment, either on their computer, smart phone, tablet, or all three.  There is no one in between who can hack or see it. It costs the payroll sender less than half of a normal payslip to deliver and, it costs nothing to install because it is a simple bolt on system to existing payroll software. Further more it provides proof that it has been opened. It also gives the recipient a free discussion channel to question any discrepancies in payments and deductions.

Behind the Dataguard system sits the world patented Regify technology which is encrypted from end to end (see below).  As such an emailed payslip or any other confidential piece of information can be sent and received in the knowledge that the contents of the email can only be seen by the sender and the receiver. As far as the receiver is concerned he or she can open the attachment, save it, or print it off. No more rummaging through files trying to find old payslips again and, because it is so secure, a copy is accepted by the revenue if pay information is required. However even though it is doubtful the system can by attacked from outside influences Regify already has software upgrades in place to more than double its already highly secure system.  


There are many companies offering such systems that simply work by the payroll department either offering its own portal for employees to log into with a dedicated password or by contracting with outside providers who offer an independent portal for payslip information. Again the information is available to the employee by putting in a password to retrieve the pay information.


Every day tens-of –thousands of computers, worldwide, are being attacked by hackers and viruses in the quest of stealing something, if not everything, from unsuspecting small users. They are not alone because the threat of these attacks is also very much in the mind of large corporations who find it necessary to upgrade their security systems monthly to protect themselves against cyber crime.

However if is difficult to keep ahead of the perpetrators who are stealing hundreds of $millions a year through new devious hacking methods. Most of us, it seems, are unable to stop the waves of scam emails hitting our machines every day and, if we are not diligent, the mistake in opening just one unsuspectingly can be disastrous.  Especially seeing that some of these scams can imbed worms and bots that steal dedicated passwords and sensitive, financial information. If you would like a better outline of just what’s out there trying to get into your computer please take a look at excellent article written by Cisco Security Intelligence.