Dataguard™ eBox Encrypted File Sharing

Secured and legally compliant storage and file sharing.

Do you share documents for revision among a user group?

The problem

Security – Making documents available to a group of users with all revisions of these documents, is a key task of projects and business processes of any kind. Security – standard office systems cannot provide the level of security necessary to ensure access is denied to third parties. Security – similarly, standard office systems do not allow full auditablity of revision management across the user group

The solution

Dataguard™ eBox

Dataguard eBox enables the secure sharing and storage of sensitive information with an audit trail.

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The system uses advanced technology which ensures the information is shared using secured encrypted digital pathways and guarantees only the recipient and sender can access the information.

It doesn’t require integration with existing software and you could be up and running in minutes.


Dataguard services are highly secure. They use patented technology to give you a complete end-to-end (from sending to receiving) secured solution that’s easy to use.

Unlike Dropbox and Box, Dataguard eBox does not use cloud platforms to save your valuable information! We work on the basis that the most valuable data you have should be secured on your own hardware on your own network. But, it is easier to use and synchronises any updated changes to your shared files within your existing folder/file structure. Easy!

Powered by regify® the patented and security audited cloud technology, organisations can communicate, collaborate and transact on their existing infrastructure.

What is it?

Dataguard eBox enables the secure sharing and storage of sensitive information with an audit trail.

Powered by regify® the patented and security audited cloud technology organisations can communicate, collaborate and transact on their existing infrastructure.

Transfer Files Securely using AES 256 Encryption.

GDPR Article 6 & 32 – Prevent attacks on your data – Use Encryption!

So, what is it, exactly?
It’s an Electronic File Sharing System – Encrypted

How it works?

The creator of an individual Dataguard eBox creates it by push of a button, electronically invites the members und assigns user rights.

Upon acceptance of such invitation, the user will be admitted to this Dataguard eBox and in addition to receiving online web access, the user may also choose to automatically replicate parts of the Dataguard eBox or the Dataguard eBox as a whole onto his own infrastructure, from smartphone to server. Every Dataguard eBox will be automatically registered by a trusted, independent third party in an auditable manner as is required for business purposes.

All cloud data is encrypted!

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One of the most criticised facts about cloud services is the lack of security of stored data. In order to make sure that your Dataguard data is always secured, Dataguard does encryption and decryption on the fly so that the Dataguard provider, who hosts the data, is not even able to see your files.

Who’s it for?

Everyone needs the ability to share and store files securely!

You do not need extensive software knowledge in order to set up the solution.

Dataguard™ eBox works as an add-on to your existing software, so no software integration is required.

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ALL organisations have sensitive date that they need to share and examples of the most important ones who share PII data regulated by GDPR are:

  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health
  • Finance

Dataguard eBox makes the secure sharing of data easy and intuitive so whether you are in HR, Accounts, IT, C-Suite or indeed any department that shares sensitive data then we can ensure it remains safe always!

Getting started

So how do you start using
Dataguard eBox?

Set up is simple, register your details on our website and we will talk you through the process.

You can be up and running in a matter of
a few hours.



What is the price of Dataguard eBox?

The prices for Dataguard eBox from regify depend on the number of users you have and are priced monthly. Please ask for the prices with your account manager.

How do I open a Dataguard regibox invitation?

To open a regibox invitation, you must run the regibox Manager on your desktop or mobile device. Download the software from here. After the first start, enter the logon data for your regify account. Now you can open and accept the RGBX file from the invitation by double-clicking.

Why do I need to sign up a regify account in order to become a Dataguard eBox member?

Because we want to make sure that people are, at least, basic authenticated. By using your regify account, we ensure that you are in possession of the email address the box owner entered during your invitation. We only know about a person if he registered a Dataguard regify account. Imagine if we would not verify the account, either no-one or all people with access to this email address would be able to become a member of the box.

Isn't there a way to use this on the recipient side without installing software?

If you are the owner of regibox, or you have got adequate permissions, you may publish a file for temporary access by users without regibox or regify account (right click -> Publish). Now tell the user the link(s) that you have received. Simple!

Why is there no web-browser access to my files?

The Dataguard regibox system provides real end-to-end encryption. Thus, neither the regify provider or any other storage solution on the Internet is having access to unencrypted box content or to the keys needed to decrypt it. Because of this, no web-server is able to give you access to the content. This is why you cannot access or browse the content using a web-browser. The key is delivered to your local machine (PC or mobile) during acceptance of an invitation. This is done in a way that the regify provider is not even able to gather the keys. A Highly Secure System!

Our other products:

Dataguard™ eMail

Encrypted Email

Traditional e-mail has the confidentiality level of a postcard. Any actor involved in its transport can easily read it. Dataguard eMail offers a way to transform your email into a confidential and auditable electronic letter.

This works using your existing e-mail address and does not allow use nor any third party to access or to store the content of your e-mail.

Powered by regify®.

Dataguard™ ePay

Encrypted Payslips

Dataguard™ enables you to send your payslips electronically and securely using our easy to use add-on ensuring the integrity of your payroll Dataguard ePay works with any payroll system that can output PDF’s and we encrypt to AES 256k ensuring total end to end security with an easy user interface for your employees to securely retrieve their pay role information.

Powered by regify®.

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