To our customers:

You will have heard in the news about the Heartbleed vulnerability problem in the OpenSSL library. This library is used by many web servers to secure https communications. It is called the TSL Heartbeat Extension, hence Heartbleed as a pun. It attacks the Hearbeat system used in SSL. It is what is known as a background function, i.e. one not seen by the ordinary user. When the connection is encrypted, data is sent back and forth to make sure that both sides are still online. This is why it is called ‘heartbeat’. This vulnerability affects all webserver data and affected systems need immediate action.

Masterepay uses OpenSSL, but not the extension that is affected (TSL Heartbeat Extension). Therefore, with all the information which we currently have available, we are sure that the Regify service has not been affected. You do not need to take any action.