So, do people really understand what it means when they talk about “secure email”? When they say “we have secure email”, do they actually know how secure and what it will prevent (and more to the point, what it is still susceptible to)?

The answer, quite often, is very few. Their “secure email” is usually just password protected which in this current day and age of increased complexity of fraudulent activity, means very little.

A recent article in the press highlighted the fact that email scammers are currently making over $300 million per month in the US. You can therefore bet your bottom dollar that this activity will soon make its way across the pond to the UK, and if you are not sufficiently prepared your business could well be prone to attack from these criminals.

However, here at Dataguard we offer Dataguard eMail , which is developed from Regimail which is powered by regify®. This turns normal email into a secure communication, works with any email address and makes ordinary email compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR and other legislation.

In addition, Dataguard eMail ensures transparency, creates an audit trail through confirmation of receipt, and can also be used on mobile devices supporting iOS and Android. So, for help understanding the whole issue of “secure email”, then please feel free to contact us for a chat – we’ll be delighted to hear from you. #secureemail #encryptedemail #datasecurity #dataguarduk